Supplements — the good and the bad

The supplement business is booming! With product sales in 2015 reaching more than $6 billion, is it any wonder that more and more people are turning to supplements, like Adrafinil, to complement their dietary needs?

What makes these products so appealing? The modern professional has very little time to think of anything other than work. They’re often rushing to catch trains, beat the traffic to get into work early or even just to get there on time. Once there, the modern professional is often inclined to skip lunch. Adding insult to injury, they often work late and more are missing dinner all together once they return home. This is bad news for bodies indeed.

As a solution, many are turning to supplements as a means to bridge the gaps in their poor diets. Most protein and fat replacement products can be prepared in minutes and can be mixed into liquid form, making for easy consumption, while on the go. Once mixed, these products can be stored for relatively long periods of time when compared to their more natural counter parts. So, no need to find a space in the refrigerator at work… just leave it on your desk.

The only issues… is that people are overlooking the obvious problem with this diet… it’s absolutely terrible for you! One should never replace eating with supplement products. For one, They simply do not include all the nutrients one needs to get by. In fact, many supplements intentionally focus on one nutrient — protein for example — and even then, they may not include everything the body needs. Sustained and exclusive use of supplements is a very dangerous game indeed. In fact, you may be correct in thinking that you’ll save a bit of time here and there by skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner… but it will soon catch up with you.

It’s a false economy: If you’re lucky, you’ll just start feeling a bit tired and lacking in energy after a few days. By returning to your normal diet, you will soon recover with a bit of sleep. However, if you’re unlucky, you could cause serious damage to your liver and kidneys, which may or may not recover… it depends on how silly you’ve been and how long you’ve not been eating properly.

So supplements are bad right? Wrong! There’s nothing wrong with supplements at all. In fact, they can be a very good thing. What’s can be bad is peoples’ use of supplements. The responsible way is to use these products as part of a balanced diet. The irresponsible and dangerous way to use them is exclusively. If in doubt, please pick up the phone and all us immediately, we’ll be happy to help.